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Features and Mods


  • Kenwood eXcelon KVT-719 DVD Head Unit (with 7” Touch Screen), [User Manual and Installation Manual] (See a video of the head unit in action),
  • Kenwood KNA-DV2100 Navigation System, [User Manual, Installation Manual],
  • Kenwood KTC-SR902 SIRIUS Satellite Radio receiver [User Manual],
  • Kenwood KCA-BT200 Bluetooth Interface [User Manual],
  • Kenwood KTC-HR200 High Definition Radio Tuner [User Manual],
  • Kenwood KAC-X542 350 Watt Amplifier [User Manual],
  • JL Audio Stealth Box and Subwoofer and 250 Watt Amplifier,
  • Spy Eye Minature CMOS Rear View Camera (installed in place of rear windshield wiper), Pyle View 6" TFT-LCD Rear Tailgating Video Screen, (Installed inside, behind third brake light),
  • Pyramid MV940RM 9" Overhead Monitor (w/270 degree swivel),
  • Power, Remote Controlled Antenna
See photos of the "car-nage" that ensued when installing this system pic1, pic2, pic3, and pic4.


  • Sherwood Wood Trim Kit (Rosewood),
  • Wizard Lighted Shifter Knob,
  • Flamed Neon Floor Mats,
  • XtremeFx Barefoot Gas Pedal,
  • Dashguard Dashboard Cover,
  • El Wire Neon Wires line the back of the front seats, wrap around the rear seats and are sewn into the dashbord cover,
  • E&G Classic Stainless Steel Sill Door Plates,
  • Dual Armrest,
  • Road-Rest Arm Rest,
  • Flame-Style Interior Rear View Mirror,
  • Seat Belt Pads,
  • 4-Channel Wireless Remote Control (controls interior and exterior lighting),
  • Rear Cargo Liner,
  • 3-bay A-Pillar Gauge Pod (voltage/time/blank)
  • Replacement Carpeting from Auto Carpet Direct, see what it took to install.


  • "Lambo" door kit by Vertical Doors, Inc purchased from Andy's Auto Sport,
  • Pineapple Reverse Operating Hood (PROH) kit,
  • PTeazer Retro Rear Roll Pan,
  • E&G Classic Running Boards, Coker Wheels, Roll Pan and Pinstriping painted by Classic Body Works of East Windsor,
  • Blaze kit by Flowlighting, Under-car 7-color LEDs
  • Coker Retro Rims, Chrome Baby Half-Moons and Whitewall Radial Tires,
  • Colgan Custom Nose Bra, Rear View Mirror Gloves,
  • Bene-Vento Moonroof Wind Deflector,
  • Oncourse Collection Tire Stem Knobs,
  • OEM Rear Bumper Step Guard,
  • Lund Rear Wind Deflector,
  • HID Blue Xenon Halogen Headlights,
  • Chrome Taillight Trim

Under Hood:

  • Stainless Steel Hood Liner,
  • Magnecore Competition Spark Plug Cables,
  • Helix Power Tower Throttle Body Spacer,
  • Killer Glass Upper Radiator Hose,
  • Screamin' Demon High-Power Engine Coil
  • Hosetechniques Engine Dress-Up Kit,
  • Snap-On Jumper Cable Modular Connection,
  • Freedom Design Chrome Shock Mount Brace,
  • Billet oil cap and dip stick,
  • JC Whitney Aaaoogah Horn,
  • Moss Motors High-Efficiency Air Filter and Polished Intake Pipe,
  • Optima Yellow-Top Deep Cycle Battery,
  • Mobile One Synthetic Oil,
  • Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle Battery
  • Chrome Resevoir Caps


  • Connolley Hide Food on the leather,
  • Ultra Finish Car Wash on the exterior finish,
  • Mother’s Clear-Coat Wheel Polish on the chrome,
  • Westley's White Wall Cleaner