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Lambo Doors

Lambo Doors for the PT Cruiser

purchased from Andy's Auto Sport

Driver's Side Door Installed 5/4 to 5/6/2005

(7 hours of labor, plus 2 hours of painting)

OK, so I'll admit, these are not the most practical items for everyday use. So, here are my Top ten (in progress) reasons for getting these:

  • Flow-thru ventilation.
  • More room gettting in and out of the car in the garage.
  • Acts as a security device-the thief will probably break his nose trying to swing open the door and jump inside. (Frankly, I'll be glad if I don't break mine!)
  • When a fast food attendant drops my change handing it out the drive thru window, I'll pretend to Hulk out in anger and wrench the door from it's hinge.
  • Because I can't have the Batmobile, Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang or the Mystery Machine.
  • Gives an all new meaning to the word "Scha-winggggg"
  • Makes it easy to pick up safty cones from the road (not that I would do that...)
  • Anything to blow Adrain Monk's mind.

Painting - 2 hours

Disassembly - 3 hours

Strapping the Hinge - 1 hour

First Tests & Adjustments - 1 hour

Re-Assembly - 2 hours

First Door In Action

Second Door - 5 hours for Installation